Utica Auditorium - Roof and Facade Commercial

Utica Auditorium - Roof and Facade

Utica, New York

Construction Notes

Utica Auditorium Roof & Facade ($2M)
Project Manager:
Anthony Obernesser
Superintendent: Scott Rowlands

The project consisted of removing the existing brick façade and replacing it with a rain screen system with aluminum-composite siding. The original 1959 construction was a 2-wythe brick veneer cladding the circular building. Over the years, water infiltration and freeze-thaw cycles had deteriorated the face of the brick and the integrity of the wall. The walls were also un-insulated. As Construction Manager, we oversaw the removal of the brick façade and replacement with metal framing, insulation and aluminum composite panels. Upon completion of the façade work, the concourse roof was replaced. While the exterior work was proceeding, the interior lighting of the area was replaced with energy efficient LED lighting. Exterior accent lighting was also installed to enhance the Auditorium’s façade with colored displays.