Assured Information Security (AIS) Commercial

Assured Information Security (AIS)

Rome, New York

Construction Notes

Assured Information Security – 45,000 Sf ($7M)
Project Manager:
John Sabotka
Superintendent: Jamie Sprague

This 45,000 SF building located in Rome NY on the former Griffiss Air Force Base is owned by the Griffiss Land Development Corp. The structure was designed and built for its major tenant Assured Information Security.

AIS is a business that develops technologies and provides support operations within and across the entire cyber domain. “The laboratory space is fully fitted with state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to the advancement of software and hardware technologies and solutions supporting next generation information systems and cyber research.” The laboratory, research areas, as well as all the support space were constructed to Department of Defense requirements.

The steel structure is enclosed with precast concrete and a Centria Panel & window system, the steel columns outward of the building envelope are wrapped with circular covers giving the exterior walls a distinct setback from the precast fascia band.

The Mechanical and Electrical were designed to provide the energy conservation required by today's standards. The heating system is generated by steam from the Griffiss Energy Plant.

Areas of interest include the Employee Break Room with a floor to ceiling window wall that looks upon a covered patio and landscaping beyond. The Main Entrance Reception area is a two-story atrium with a balcony that connects the building wings and overlooks the landscaped walks and parking area.

The project team was commended by the Architect and the Griffiss Representative on performing, outstanding supervision, management and completing this project on schedule.

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Assured Information Security (AIS)-Entrance View Assured Information Security (AIS)-Employee Breakroom Assured Information Security (AIS)-Employee Breakroom2 Assured Information Security (AIS)-Main Reception/Lobby Assured Information Security (AIS)-Main Reception/Lobby2 Assured Information Security (AIS)-Balcony Connecting Both Wings Assured Information Security (AIS) Balcony