PLC Trenching, LLC Manufacturing

PLC Trenching, LLC

New Maintenance Facility

Clinton, NY

Construction Notes

Phase I: March 2008 - We are more than doubling the building we completed in 2006, to add 16,600 square-feet to house additional shop maintenance bays as well as an industrial Paint Booth and Prep area.

This 13,000 square-foot Design/Build project includes (5) work bays, a Fabrication Shop, a Wash Bay, and 800 square-foot Office/Lunch/Locker Room and Toilet Rooms area with Storage Mezzanine. The custom Butler building is designed to accept the new 7.5 ton Bridge Crane and (4) 2 ton column mounted Jib Hoists, that were provided by the owner.

The building is designed for expansion of both the Shop as well as a future 2-story, 8,000 square-foot Office Building.

This is our second major building project for this owner. PLC Trenching serves the power and communications industry, across the U.S., installing underground cabling using custom designed trenching equipment.

Phase II: 2008 expansion of maintenance building more than doubled the size of phase I. Also included 2 bridge cranes and a 4,000 square-foot paint booth.

Phase III: 2008 office building, design/build. 2-story design/build custom Butler building featuring Butler's newest exterior cladding – Azimuth Horizontal Metal – strip windows, Sloan Sunshades, EPDM roof, and 2 floors of class "A" European architecture.

Phase IV: Executive Garage 4,000 square-foot Butler building for storage and display of car collection. Matching exterior finishes of the phase III office.

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