Empire Recycling Manufacturing Butler

Empire Recycling

New Load Out Building and Equipment Foundation

Utica, NY

Construction Notes

A 7,000 square-foot Butler building to house bulk aluminum for processing by a new shredding machine, was completed in 2007. The project included installation of over (230) wood and steel piles to support both the building and the exterior equipment. Following completion of the piles, we installed over (230) cy of concrete for building and equipment foundations, as well as structural slabs.

The Load Out building featured a 30' eave height, clear span, with 12' high concrete and steel protection walls.

Upon completion of the building, we also completed a re-siding project of the original storage buildings to match the look of the new building.

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Further information about Butler Design/Build projects can be obtained by contacting David L. Kleps, Vice President of the Design/Build Butler Building Department.