RCIL Renovations Renovation & Repair

RCIL Renovations

Utica, New York

Construction Notes

RCIL Renovations (45,000 SF) $1,810,000
Project Manager: Josh Rowlands
Superintendent: Tim Huff

This project consisted of renovating the basement and first floor, nearly 45,000 square feet, of 131 Genesee St. to accommodate the new tenant, RCIL. Existing finishes were removed, and updated, including new carpet tile, exposed terrazzo, LVT, new paint, retrofitting all of the existing linear lights, troffer lights, and recessed cans to LED, adding power for over 200 cubicles, new high NRC ceiling tile, and new millwork for four bathrooms, a reception desk, and three kitchenettes. Landlord upgrades included new temperature control systems, new stairwell doors, and a new four stop elevator. This project was completed on an accelerated schedule, starting in May of 2019, and completing in July of 2019.

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