St. Luke's North Utica Medical Office Turnkey Development

St. Luke's North Utica Medical Office

New Medical Office Building

Utica, New York

Construction Notes

We have the skills to connect even the most unique and challenging locations to a suitable tenant. This talent was demonstrated with the development of the 5,000-square-foot professional office building for Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare.

The client, Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare was looking to open a new medical office building in North Utica and turned to Brian Gaetano to find a suitable site and also create a design-build package.

With few commercial land parcels available and only one large strip shopping center, North Utica is a challenging area for development. Finding a visible and accessible location that is zoned for commercial use is hard to come by.

While surveying the area, Brian Gaetano noticed a parcel of land west of the shopping center that was covered with trees and surrounded by a chain link fence. However, the site did have access off the main road to a secondary street and looked large enough to accommodate a small medical office building. Research showed that the site was zoned commercial and the owner was identified.

Brian Gaetano was able to negotiate an option to purchase the site, and with the help of his architect and design-build team, a plan for the 5,000-square-foot medical building with the appropriate parking was developed. This facility now houses the new Faxton St. Luke’s North Utica Medical Office.

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St. Luke's North Utica Office St. Luke's North Utica Office St. Luke's North Utica Office