MVCC-Robert R. Jorgensen Athletic/Events Center Educational

MVCC-Robert R. Jorgensen Athletic/Events Center

Utica, New York

Construction Notes

MVCC – Robert R. Jorgensen Athletic Center – 45,000 Sf ($6.7M)
Project Manager:
Mike Kulik
Superintendent: Scott Rowlands

Phase 1 project included a new 40,000 SF field house, 5,000 SF fitness center, renovation of the existing pool and pool locker rooms. The project included site work, concrete, steel structure, brick, curtain wall, storefront façade, finishes and athletic equipment installed under a general contractor prime contract.

The facility includes a running and walking track, three basketball courts, volleyball, and soccer courts. The new addition will also accommodate indoor lacrosse and baseball practice. The renovated pool includes a new Hall of Fame trophy room leading from the pool into the lobby of the Jorgensen Center. The pool and fitness center have increased the well-being of the students, employees, and the community in general.

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Foundation Pour MVCC-Jorgensen - Steel Erection MVCC-Jorgensen - Steel Erection2 MVCC-Jorgensen - Steel Trusses MVCC-Jorgensen - Steel End Truss MVCC-Jorgensen - Truss Placement MVCC-Jorgensen - Roof Structure MVCC-Jorgensen - Roofing MVCC-Jorgensen - Concrete Floor Pour MVCC-Jorgensen - Finishing 40,000 SF of Flooring in Athletic Center MVCC-Jorgensen - Exterior View of Excercise Room MVCC-Jorgensen - Excercise Room MVCC-Jorgensen - Main Lobby MVCC-Jorgensen - Main Lobby Trophy Display Case MVCC-Jorgensen - Renovated Pool MVCC-Jorgensen - Field House MVCC-Jorgensen - Field House2 MVCC-Jorgensen - Field House3 MVCC-Jorgensen - Building Name MVCC-Jorgensen - Outside View1 MVCC-Jorgensen - Outside View2